Monday, October 02, 2006


So I'm reading the newest "NextSpace," which is OCLC's newsletter. And quite frankly, OCLC comes off like the Walmart of libraries. Libraries go there to shop. And, you know, some of the stuff is pretty crappy, and maybe a little cheap, but sometimes they have some really awesome things that you can buy, and they always make like they're environmentalists and love their customers and stuff, so you know, we can bury our heads a little and just thank goodness that their prices are low, even if that did mean that the pharmacy downtown went bankrupt.
OCLC has been acquiring OCLC-like companies around the globe, and is beginning their quest for global librarian-domination. They're even encouraging the use of DDS! Quel horreur! says the academic librarian. No one can escape. Not even the Dutch, what with OCLC acquiring Pica, and Pica then becoming a little puppet corporation that owns OTHER library corporations in Europe. And now RLG has decided to get bought out by OCLC. Even cooperatives aren't safe anymore!

I hate to beg the question, but I personally dislike it when informatic companies merge. I LIKE the weird little things that come out of independent companies and cooperatives, and OCLC is a megalith. I know, I'm a rain-crow. Maybe OCLC will eventually become the only resource I'll ever need to do my cataloging, ever. And everyone will sing and dance and candy will fall from the sky.

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