Monday, March 17, 2008

ALA elections

I'm pretty young to the ALA listservs, so I've never been around for the Presidential elections. But I have to say, the email blasts with the (clearly?) professional graphic design this normal? Or is this new? Alire's is the funniest, to me: the one that's trying too hard. The one that came in today, Williams, is much more down to earth, although I do like how we still have the faded out "vote" behind her name, and the "campaign" color palette.
Is this really necessary (no)? Do I care that much (no)? Do the pretty colors make me want to vote for one person or another (okay, maybe...Alire's orange is pretty!)?

The thing is, when I look at their credentials, both of the candidates look very capable to me, although Alire does have an advantage to me, since she's college and research library focused, and Williams is from the school library front. But that's just personal preference, not anything else.

When I look at their advertisements, makes me like neither of them. Am I a Luddite, or the anti-advertisement equivalent thereof?

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