Thursday, January 24, 2008

Cataloging Service Bulletin

I got the Cataloging Service Bulletin today. And I just have to ask, does anyone really read that thing? I get it, look at the table of contents on the front page, grow disheartened that there are 58 pages of LC rule interpretations and four pages of revised LCSH, and I just want to kind of hide myself and then hide this bulletin in a binder and never look at it again. It's as if the bulletin were made specifically to make me feel like a lax cataloger.

God, I bet there's a moral in here somewhere, isn't there? About putting off today what you can put into a basket with eggs in it tomorrow or something.

Although it is nice to see that rule 2.12-2.18 (early printed monographs) is going away, and LC is passing all the rules to the new Descriptive Cataloging of Rare Materials (which is on order).

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