Friday, January 25, 2008


For anyone who isn't a Horizon customer who might read this blog, I feel like it's my duty to keep you informed on what's happening in SirsiDynix Land. And there are a couple new things to report.
First, SirsiDynix is having a SuperConference! This SuperConference! will have both Unicorn users and Horizon users. I assume they're doing this because the two groups have already been meeting together for some time, and SD must feel as least a little left out. Here's the skinny on the SuperConference!:

"SirsiDynix SuperConference 2008 will offer many unique opportunities for learning about current and future technologies, including SirsiDynix Unicorn and Symphony and a range of add-on solutions. There will be high-quality, informative user presentations, SirsiDynix presentations, and vendor exhibits.

Don't miss your chance to connect during meals, no-conflict breaks, and after hours with nearly 900 of your colleagues and the SirsiDynix team members you regularly interact with."

See? I think they want to get on the joint-meeting bandwagon.

Of course, meanwhile, at ALA midwinter, the two groups got together. They've been doing this for awhile now. Nothing too shocking came out of the ALA joint meeting, but I always think its good when people can subvert the "system" and make change on their own. One interesting thing is that the CODI group (the Horizon user group) will probably take over the hosting of the new Symphoney listserv in 2008.
And they want to start a mentoring program for people who want to move over to Symphony. I wonder if this will entail pairing people from Unicorn (mentor) with people from Horizon (mentee).
There was also a push to see if the products which worked with Horizon will continue to work with Symphony. There's apparently going to be a survey taken of users to see which products we use.
It's interesting, isn't it, that SD hasn't already told us which ones will work? I kind of wonder if none of them work--Horizon and Symphony seem to be very different products.


Anonymous said...

FYI, the name SuperConference was adopted in 2001 or 2002 to mark the combining of the annual conventions for the Sirs user group and the DRA user group. Point being: the name is not new and is not about combining Sirsi's user group and Dynix's user group. I have heard a few people suggest, jokingly, that the first combined conference of those two groups (April 2009 in Dallas) ought to be called the SuperDuperConference.

Scribe said...

Interesting...I seem to remember when it was announced for the Horizon folks (which of course are the only folks I knew at the time), it was touted as being the "new" conference, so I assumed it was a new name. Thanks!

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