Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Horizon 7.4.1

"SirsiDynix would like our Horizon customers to know that we are committed to supporting our Horizon, Horizon Information Portal and Web Reporter products well into the future. We will continue to provide maintenance releases for these products for the next 4-6 years."

Yes, 7.4.1 is officially released. I guess that in October they started beta testing, which I think I heard about, and since all problems were resolved without incident, it's time to go full-bore with the update. And that's all it is; an update. Nothing fancy, just bug fixes, mostly. Although in addition to 7.4.1, there's a new portal, too. HIP 3.09/4.13. Which needs Java webstart. Have I ever talked about how much I dislike java? And yet here we go, using MORE of it. I know it's not Java's fault, and it used to be good, but seriously, it's not that reliable now and I always have one computer here that needs environmental variables manually changed in order to run Horizon successfully with Java. Lame. Of course, since Horizon uses Java 1.4.2, I suppose it's not like you have to use the newest version of Java or anything.
This post is a little ramble-y, but since there's literally no feedback from the listserv right now, I don't know what other people think about it. Only myself. I assume this update will fix some things and leave a lot of other things unfixed. Par for the course with most software companies.

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